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Adroitly Displayed: Adobe Showcases 11 Novel Experimental Endeavors: Refining GIFs into Pristine Videos, Eradicating Mirror Reflectivity, et al.

Sneaks session at Adobe MAX is one of the highlights of the event. Adobe will present projects that are still in the early stages of research, but will be developed into future products. This gives us a glimpse of the new ideas and creative projects that will emerge. This year’s Sneaks showcased a total of 11 projects, covering photography, video, and 3D objects.

One of the projects, called Project Stardust, was previewed before MAX started. Users can select objects in an image and easily modify, delete, or move them with just a few clicks.

Another interesting project is Project See Through. This tool allows users to edit images taken through glass surfaces that cause reflection instead of transparency. Traditionally, this problem is difficult to fix during post-processing, but See Through makes it easier to edit such images.

Project Fast Fill utilizes Generative AI in Firefly to add or remove objects in videos, as well as expand the video frame with a simple prompt command, similar to the tool used for editing images. This functionality will be available in Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Project Dub Dub Dub is a tool that can convert voiceover into different languages while maintaining the original tone of the original audio.

Project Scene Change allows video editors to seamlessly merge two separate video clips, each captured by a different camera, creating a continuous scene with objects and backgrounds blending together.

Project Res Up is a tool that enhances low-resolution videos and GIF files using diffusion techniques, resulting in high-resolution videos.

Project Poseable is a 3D storyboard drawing tool that allows users to define objects, perspectives, and layouts, with AI assisting in generating the remaining images according to the desired specifications.

Project Neo brings 3D objects into the design process of 2D images, making it easier for artists who traditionally needed to understand perspectives to create 2D layouts.

Project Primrose demonstrates a virtual dressing experience, allowing users to try on designs created in Adobe software and instantly view them on the virtual dress. It can also display animations of the designs.

With Project Glyph Ease, users can design fonts based on a few basic guidelines and create consistent styles throughout the remaining characters.

Lastly, Project Draw & Delight is a tool that creates drawings based on basic position lines and prompts describing the desired image.

TLDR: Sneaks session at Adobe MAX showcased 11 innovative projects covering photography, video, and 3D objects. These projects include tools for easy object editing, image correction through glass surfaces, video object manipulation, multilingual voiceover conversion, seamless scene merging, video and GIF resolution enhancement, 3D storyboard creation, 2D layout simplification, virtual dressing experience, font design, and automatic drawing generation.

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