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Amazon Revolutionizes Operating Systems with Vega: A Linux-based Alternative to Android for Fire OS.

Renowned tech journalist Janko Roettgers has recently reported that Amazon might be in the works of developing its own operating system, potentially replacing the Android fork known as Fire OS that currently powers their Fire devices.

This new operating system, codenamed Vega, is based on Linux and designed with React Native web technology for smart home devices like Fire TV, which could eventually expand to other device types such as entertainment systems in automobiles.

According to reports, Amazon has been quietly working on Vega since 2019 under a team named Device OS. The reason behind Amazon’s desire to move away from Android is due to the heavy reliance on code from the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), with the latest version of Fire OS (Fire OS 8) still being based on Android 10.

Furthermore, Android was primarily designed for smartphones, limiting its customization for other device types. Google faced similar challenges and resolved them by implementing the Fuchsia operating system for their Nest Hub devices.

Roettgers’ sources indicate that the core development of Vega’s operating system is complete, with the team now focusing on creating the software development kit (SDK) and additional services.

TLDR: Amazon is rumored to be developing a new operating system called Vega to potentially replace the Fire OS Android fork. Vega is based on Linux and utilizes React Native web technology for smart home devices. Amazon’s decision stems from the heavy reliance on Android code and the platform’s limitations for non-smartphone devices. The core development of Vega is reportedly done, with a focus on creating an SDK and additional services.

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