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Anticipating the Arrival of Apple Watch 2024: Unveiling Blood Pressure Monitoring Features with Limitations

After a recent news report, Mark Gurman of Bloomberg reported that Apple is preparing to include blood pressure monitoring capabilities in the 2024 model of the Apple Watch. Apple will be able to enhance the sensor technology to be compatible with the device.

However, Gurman stated that the blood pressure sensor on the Apple Watch will still have limited functionality, only serving as a notification when it detects an upward trend in blood pressure levels. It will then display a message to record the event that caused the high blood pressure, as well as recommend consulting a doctor or using a blood pressure cuff for more accurate readings.

Apple has plans to develop a sensor that can measure blood pressure and diagnose abnormalities within the device itself, but this technology will take some time to develop.

Another feature Gurman mentioned that will be available in the 2024 Apple Watch is the detection of sleep apnea. This will be done using a sensor that measures breathing patterns during sleep to assess whether the user has this condition. It will then send an alert to seek medical attention.

Lastly, Gurman updated on another feature that Apple is currently developing, which is the detection of glucose levels in the blood. This will be done using a specialized chip that emits light beneath the skin to measure glucose levels. Similar to the blood pressure feature, it will only provide a notification when it detects high levels, but will not provide numerical data. However, this feature is expected to take several years to develop.

TLDR: Apple is reportedly working on adding blood pressure monitoring, sleep apnea detection, and glucose level detection to future models of the Apple Watch. While the blood pressure feature will have limited functionality, the sleep apnea and glucose level detection features are still in development and will take some time to release.

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