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AWS Announces Closure of Amazon Honeycode No-Code App Builder

In 2020, AWS introduced Amazon Honeycode, a No-Code application builder that allows users to drag and drop data from spreadsheets. The app can be used both on the web and as a mobile app. However, AWS has announced the closure of this service.

The Honeycode Support Team updated the developer community, stating that based on feedback, they have decided to discontinue the Amazon Honeycode service, which is currently in beta. This decision will take effect from February 29, 2024.

AWS will no longer accept new user registrations starting today. Existing users will still be able to use Honeycode and the apps created with it until February 29. After this date, access to the service will be terminated, and users will be able to download their data until April 30, 2024, after which the data will be deleted. Honeycode billing will cease on July 31, 2023.

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