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California Forever: Building a New City near San Francisco by VC Group Launches

From the news, a group of VC investors has purchased land in the San Francisco area and is preparing to build a new city for tech workers. Today, the official website of the project, named California Forever, has been launched. California Forever is a city development project in Solano County, located northeast of San Francisco. It is established by Jan Sramek, a businessperson who has had the opportunity to live in this area and sees the opportunity to create a new city. Therefore, he has raised capital from prominent VC investors for this long-term project. Flannery Associates, the parent company of California Forever, has acquired approximately 50,000 acres of land, which is currently mostly used for agriculture. The land usage plan includes ongoing agricultural areas, solar farms, and residential and office spaces. The idea is to create a city and thousands of jobs for the people of Solano and the surrounding community and to build a large number of new residential homes. The city layout will be designed for convenient walking, and new infrastructure will be implemented in terms of transportation, energy, water, and wildfire prevention, which has been a longstanding issue for California. The investors in California Forever include Marc Andreessen, Patrick & John Collison, Chris Dixon, John Doerr, Nat Friedman, Daniel Gross, Reid Hoffman, Michael Moritz, Laurene Powell Jobs, and Andreessen Horowitz. California Forever states that they will listen to the opinions of the people of Solano at the moment and will open for voting to decide the future of the area. Currently, only rough sketches of the project are available, and full images can be seen from the source.

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