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Starfield Saved Me and My Family’s Life

One Reddit user, who goes by the pseudonym Tidyckilla, recently posted about how he had been eagerly waiting for the release of Starfield. This anticipation had been building since it was first reported that Bethesda had registered a trademark for the game back in 2015-2016. When the game was finally available for pre-order, Tidyckilla wasted no time in securing a copy of the premium edition, allowing him to play the game before anyone else on the night of August 31st (the game was officially released for general players on September 6th).

As part of the first group to play the game, Tidyckilla couldn’t bring himself to sleep. He played the game non-stop, wanting to indulge in the new experience for as long as possible. It wasn’t until around 2:26 am that he heard an explosion from the room below his own. Curiosity piqued, he opened the door to investigate and discovered that a fire was raging. With quick thinking, he woke up his wife and cat, leading them to safety from their bedroom. They emerged unscathed, with only minor burns.

Tidyckilla credits Starfield for saving his and his family’s lives, believing that if he hadn’t been engrossed in the game, he would have been fast asleep and possibly succumbed to smoke inhalation. He expresses his gratitude to the game’s creator, Todd Howard, playfully referring to him as Godd Howard. This heartfelt tale serves as a testament to the power of video games and their ability to provide both entertainment and unexpected blessings.

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