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Capcom reveals current game pricing – a reflection of increased development costs?

The issue of rising game prices has become a prevalent topic. It all started with the adjustment of game disc prices on the latest console generation, going from $60 to $70 (or roughly 18xx to 22xx Baht). Most recently, Haruhiro Tsujimoto, the President and COO of Capcom, was interviewed at the Tokyo Game Show where he stated that current game prices are still reasonably priced.

Tsujimoto provided reasoning behind the current game pricing, stating that it does not accurately reflect the increasing development costs. He compared it to the development of games during the 8-bit era, where costs skyrocketed, but the price only saw a slight increase. Increasing the selling price seems to be the best and only viable option for the entire industry.

However, though most major game companies have already raised their prices, Capcom is one of the few that still sells their games at the same price. Street Fighter 6, for example, is still priced at $60 or 1,929 Baht, despite being released mid-year.

The issue of high development costs compared to the slower increase in selling prices has been mentioned multiple times before. Shawn Layden, the former President of PlayStation, as well as market analysis companies, have also addressed this concern.

TLDR: Game prices have been steadily increasing, but the rising development costs are not adequately reflected in the current selling prices. Capcom stands out as one of the few companies that have not increased their game prices, with Street Fighter 6 still being sold at the same price. This issue has been raised by industry experts and analysts in the past.

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