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Resignation of AMD’s Radeon Team Leader, Scott Herkelman, After 7-Year Tenure

After an impressive seven-year tenure, Scott Herkelman, AMD’s Graphics Business Unit Manager, has officially announced his departure from the company. With his exit set to take effect towards the end of 2023, the industry will undoubtedly bid farewell to a seasoned veteran.

Throughout his time at AMD, Herkelman became a familiar face to the public eye, particularly during the unveiling of the highly anticipated Radeon GPUs. One memorable instance was when he took center stage to introduce the flagship Radeon RX 7900 XTX towards the end of 2022.

Prior to his stint at AMD, Herkelman held the position of CEO at BFG Tech, a prominent player in the graphics card manufacturing realm during the years 2002 to 2010. Following the unfortunate demise of BFG Tech, he then transitioned to become the manager of NVIDIA’s GeForce division from 2012 to 2015, before ultimately crossing over to tackle the Radeon team in 2016.

The future endeavors of this esteemed industry figure remain uncertain. Speculation from outlets such as Tom’s Hardware suggests that Herkelman may find himself in the employ of Intel, a move that would certainly shake up the tech landscape, considering the recent departure of Raja Koduri, the former head of Intel’s GPU division, and his own previous ties to AMD.

In a tweet from September 25, 2023, Herkelman expressed his gratitude towards the AMD Radeon team, highlighting the camaraderie and shared experience of overcoming challenges together. The impact of his departure is sure to be felt as the industry eagerly anticipates his next venture.

TLDR: Scott Herkelman, AMD’s Graphics Business Unit Manager, has announced his departure from the company after seven years. Known for his involvement in product launches and leading the Radeon team, his future plans remain uncertain, with speculation pointing towards a potential move to Intel. Herkelman expressed his gratitude to the AMD Radeon team in a heartfelt tweet.

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