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Comparative Analysis: Unleashing the Power and Value of vCPU Core – A Cross-border Examination of Thai Cloud vs. International Cloud

How can organizations choose the most cost-effective cloud system for their digital business? This is a crucial question in today’s competitive landscape as organizations strive to improve efficiency and stay competitive. With a plethora of cloud providers available both in Thailand and internationally, making the decision for the best results is no easy task.

Enter NIPA Cloud, the solution to finding the answer to which cloud provider offers the most value to users. NIPA Cloud compares the performance of vCPU cores, which is a vital foundation for cloud services, to help developers and business owners access valuable data for decision-making and choose what is most cost-effective for their organization.

Starting with the current top 5 cloud providers, namely Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud, and Thailand’s own NIPA Cloud Space, NIPA Cloud measures the performance of vCPU cores in both Dedicated Core and Shared Core formats, uncovering several intriguing findings.

Note: The data was collected between August and September 2022, and the analysis was conducted using tests performed in two data centers: Singapore (Singapore region) for Dedicated Core comparison and the United States (US region) for Shared Core.

Testing Methodology:
To minimize bias, NIPA Cloud calculated the average price of cloud services in compute-optimized and general-purpose formats and compared the performance-to-price ratio (multi-core performance per core). A higher value indicates higher cost-effectiveness, whereas a lower value suggests lower cost-effectiveness. NIPA Cloud based its vCPU Core performance measurement on the standard criteria of GeekBench 5, using averages of tested machine types with the same size.

Performance Results:
From the test results of the 6 cloud providers, it is evident that the multi-core performance per price score of international cloud providers is approximately 1.5-2 times lower than NIPA Cloud Space’s, reflecting NIPA Cloud’s superior cost-effectiveness, as shown in the accompanying diagram.

However, it should be noted that when calculating the average value for each machine type, variations in hardware brands used may occur. Since Global Clouds offer diverse machine types, the measured value may not entirely reflect cost-effectiveness. Consequently, we compared the same hardware brand, namely AMD EPYC, to calculate performance per price. From the tests, it was discovered that NIPA Cloud Space provides the highest cost-effectiveness, which indicates the highest value for money.

Note: As of the data collection period, Alibaba Cloud and Tencent Cloud did not provide AMD hardware. Therefore, the results include only 4 cloud providers.

Shared Core, another optimization option for cloud usage, involves sharing vCPU cores with others. The advantage of shared core is that the price of the virtual machine (VM) is significantly lower than a Dedicated Core. However, the disadvantage is reduced performance and potential fluctuations during certain periods.

When comparing the performance per price of shared cores, NIPA Cloud Space surpasses global cloud giants Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform by a factor of 2-3.

Key Takeaway: The highest price may not be the best option.
Many times, when comparing cost-effectiveness (vCPU performance vs. price), the highest price does not always guarantee the best performance, and the lowest price does not necessarily mean the worst option. In addition to price, it is crucial to consider high-performance vCPU with consistent capabilities (dedicated core) or vCPU with reduced performance due to sharing (shared core).

From this benchmark test, it is evident that NIPA Cloud offers the highest “value” in terms of performance and vCPU Core performance, outshining international cloud providers.

TLDR: NIPA Cloud has conducted benchmark tests to compare the cost-effectiveness of leading cloud providers. The results show that NIPA Cloud Space provides superior performance per price for vCPU cores compared to international cloud providers. Additionally, NIPA Cloud Space outperforms global cloud giants in terms of shared core performance. This highlights NIPA Cloud as the top choice for organizations seeking the most value from their cloud services.

To read the abstract and download the full report, visit [insert link to report].

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(Note: This content has been rewritten in English to meet the given instructions. The original content was in the Thai language.)

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