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Elon Musk: X Hiring is Cooler Than LinkedIn

Recently, X unveiled its new feature, X Hiring, to allow organizations to announce job openings. This feature is similar to LinkedIn, a platform owned by Microsoft. However, Musk expressed his dissatisfaction with LinkedIn, stating that the level of cringe when receiving job applications through LinkedIn is too high. Personally, Musk avoids using LinkedIn and instead prefers to have resumes or bios emailed to him. He also mentioned that X Hiring will be different from LinkedIn and will be even cooler, although no specific details were provided.

Currently, X Hiring is still in beta and is only available to companies that subscribe at a monthly fee of $1000. This is part of X’s goal to transform into an Everything App, similar to WeChat as previously mentioned.

According to Musk’s tweet, people often send him LinkedIn links, but he finds it cringe-worthy and prefers to receive resumes or bios via email. Musk reassures that X’s competitor to LinkedIn will be cool.

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