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Enhancing Protocols: Encrypted Signals Fortify Quantum Computing

Signal has upgraded its protocol to enhance the encryption process and make it resistant to quantum computers. The new protocol, called PQXDH (Post-Quantum Extended Diffie-Hellman), is a robust key exchange encryption process. In this process, Signal utilizes the CRYSTALS-KYBER algorithm, which is one of the algorithms selected by NIST, along with X25519, similar to OpenSSH and Cloudflare.

With the implementation of PQXDH, Signal now supports the use of the new protocol when initiating a new chat session. Both parties must be using the latest version of the app to utilize this new protocol. Signal plans to phase out the earlier X3DH protocol and eventually upgrade all existing chat sessions to the new protocol.

Summary (TLDR): Signal has upgraded its protocol with the PQXDH, a post-quantum encryption process using the CRYSTALS-KYBER algorithm. Users can now utilize this new protocol when starting a new chat session, and Signal plans to upgrade existing chat sessions gradually.

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