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OpenTofu: A Promising Linux Foundation-Backed Neoepithelium Stemming from the Terraform Fork

In an unprecedented move, HashiCorp recently announced a shift in the paradigm of project management, specifically with regards to their widely utilized Terraform platform. This pivotal decision has resulted in the segregation of the project, with a separate entity now known as OpenTF.

Taking this revolutionary step even further, OpenTF has entrusted the esteemed Linux Foundation with the responsibility of project stewardship. Simultaneously, they have unveiled a captivating new moniker for the reimagined iteration of Terraform – OpenTofu. The ambitious plan is to have the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) oversee the project alongside Linux Foundation.

Under the auspices of the MPLv2 open-source license, OpenTofu shall continue its unwavering pursuit of progress. Collaborating with prominent supporters like Harness, Gruntwork, Spacelift, env0, amongst others, OpenTofu aims to assemble a team of 18 full-time developers committed to the project for a minimum of 5 years.

Source: TechCrunch via Linux Foundation

Furthermore, the project’s logo is yet to be unveiled, symbolizing the fresh identity and direction this undertaking embodies.

TLDR: HashiCorp’s Terraform project has undergone a transformation, resulting in the creation of OpenTF. Linux Foundation now oversees the project, while CNCF is set to contribute. OpenTofu, the rebranded Terraform, will continue to operate as an open-source initiative, backed by leading supporters.

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