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Epic Games’ Android Authorization for Sideload Intensifies Google’s Reaction with Additional Alternatives in Store

The highly publicized legal battle between Epic Games and Apple is currently unfolding in a United States court. However, Epic Games finds itself embroiled in a similar lawsuit with Google, which is still in the preliminary stages and set for further hearings next week.

In response to Epic Games, Google recently issued a statement on its corporate blog, refuting the allegations of anticompetitive practices with regards to game distribution on Android. Google argued that the claim of restricting avenues for game distribution on Android is baseless. It also highlighted the crucial factor that sets Android apart, which is the allowance of other stores like the Samsung Galaxy Store and Amazon Appstore. Additionally, Android permits users to sideload applications, providing them with greater freedom and choice.

Google exemplified Fortnite’s webpage for Android, which advises users to install the game through either the Samsung Galaxy Store or sideloading. This demonstrates that Epic Games itself benefits from the openness of the Android platform, as it already has the capability to distribute its own game.

Another issue addressed in Google’s response is the commission structure for developers. Google argues that its 15% commission is lower than that of other stores, with 99% of developers considering it to be minimal. Furthermore, Google now supports alternative billing methods in 35 countries, providing developers with more flexibility.

In a Twitter response to the blog post, Epic Games CEO and founder, Tim Sweeney, dismissed Google’s arguments as a way for Google to protect itself.

TLDR: The legal battle between Epic Games and Apple may be dominating headlines, but Epic Games is also engaged in a similar lawsuit with Google. Google responded to Epic Games’ claims by stating that the allegations of restricting game distribution on Android are unfounded. Google highlighted the freedom provided by the Android platform, including the existence of other stores and the ability to sideload applications. Google also defended its commission structure and emphasized its support for alternative billing methods. Epic Games CEO, Tim Sweeney, dismissed Google’s response as a defensive tactic.

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