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Executive Unity Resigns All Positions Within the Company, Effective Immediately

John Riccitiello’s retirement from his positions as CEO and chairman of Unity has been announced, along with his departure from the board of directors. This announcement takes effect immediately, with James M. Whitehurst being appointed as temporary CEO and Roelof Botha taking over as the new board chairman. However, Riccitiello will still remain with the company to facilitate the transition of management to other executives.

Riccitiello joined Unity in 2013, initially serving as a board member before becoming CEO in 2014. He has made notable achievements during his tenure, such as transforming the sales system into a subscription model, which greatly contributed to the company’s growth. Additionally, under his leadership, Unity successfully entered the IPO market.

Nevertheless, the significant factor leading to Riccitiello’s resignation announcement is the criticism surrounding the company’s pricing strategy for the engine, which has drawn heavy backlash from the game development community. This ultimately resulted in the decision to change the pricing model going forward.

TLDR: John Riccitiello is retiring from Unity, and James M. Whitehurst will temporarily assume the role of CEO. Roelof Botha will become the new board chairman. Riccitiello’s tenure saw successful growth, but criticism of the pricing strategy led to his resignation.

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