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Expansion of Tizen Reboot by Samsung to New Electrical Appliances, Embracing RISC-V and Rust Capabilities

Samsung has announced the direction of its Tizen operating system after its 10-year anniversary, using the term “Tizen Reboot” to establish the foundation of Tizen for the next 10 years.

The Tizen trajectory started with smart TVs and later expanded to other devices with screens, such as monitors, digital signage, and refrigerators. This year, Samsung has announced the expansion of Tizen to other types of electronic devices, including the utilization of high CPU/NPU hardware for on-device machine learning, known as Home AI Edge Hub. This allows other electronic devices without processing power to access AI functionality through the hub.

Additionally, Samsung has stated that Tizen will support RISC-V processors and the Rust programming language as replacements for C/C++. These are new architectures that have been prepared for the future.

On the developer side, Samsung has introduced a new Tizen Software Development Kit (SDK) that supports both 2D/3D graphics processing within the SDK itself. It also integrates with the online service suite, Samsung Experience Services, and expands remote app testing capabilities through the Remote Test Lab for developers to test their apps on Samsung smart TVs via the cloud.

TLDR: Samsung has unveiled its Tizen Reboot plan, expanding the Tizen operating system to various electronic devices, including Home AI Edge Hub. It will also introduce support for RISC-V processors and the Rust programming language. Samsung has launched a new Tizen SDK with enhanced graphics processing and improved remote app testing capabilities.

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