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Firefox Supports Importing Chrome Extensions from the Same Device

Since 2017, Firefox has been using the WebExtension system, similar to Chrome. However, users were limited to installing extensions only from addons.mozilla.com. Chrome extension developers had to distribute their files on the Firefox system themselves. Recently, Firefox introduced a new feature that allows users to import extensions from Chrome that are already installed on the same device. To use this feature, users need to go to the about:config page and change the value of browser.migrate.chrome.extensions.enabled to True. Then, they can go to the Settings page and click on the Import Data button.

If they choose to import data from Chrome, they will have the option to add extensions along with other types of data, such as passwords, history, and autofill data. However, it is important to note that importing data does not mean directly using extension files. Instead, Firefox will check which extensions are available on both Chrome and Firefox and install the Firefox version if it exists. Currently, only 73 extensions are supported.

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