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Is Todd Howard Opening The Elder Scrolls VI Too Soon?

Believe it or not, The Elder Scrolls VI has been in development for 5 years now, and as we all know, Bethesda has been focusing on Starfield during that time. The status of The Elder Scrolls VI is currently in pre-production, and it will be several more years before we see The Elder Scrolls VI take shape. This raises the question of whether Bethesda is opening The Elder Scrolls VI too soon. This is part of the latest interview with Todd Howard, the game director, who mentioned that he often asks himself the same question, but believes that a more informal unveiling of The Elder Scrolls VI would be better.

Furthermore, Todd Howard was also asked about the success of The Elder Scrolls VI when it is eventually released. He answered, ‘I want to fill the game with the ultimate role-playing experience that is set in the fantasy world. There are still many ways to make it successful, but we need to give it some time.’ It will definitely take some time before we get to see Elder Scrolls VI in its full form, even though we know that it will be released before the next Fallout installment. For now, Bethesda is preparing to release Starfield on September 6th for Xbox Series X/S and PC, with the game being available to play on Game Pass from day one.

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