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Gasping Discord: Acquisition of Social App Introduces Poll-Making Features to Platform

According to Discord, the social app Gas, which the company acquired earlier this year without disclosing the value, will be shutting down on November 7. The Gas team will be working on developing various features for chatting with friends on Discord in the future.

Gas is a social app for conducting positive opinion polls, primarily targeting the student market for group discussions among classmates. It gained popularity in the US and Canada, with a peak in late 2022, reaching 7 million downloads. However, its popularity has declined significantly over time.

Interestingly, Gas was founded by Nikita Bier, who co-founded the polling app tbh, which was acquired by Facebook in 2017. It can be said that he is an expert in creating polling apps and has successfully sold his businesses twice. Furthermore, he recently posted on X that a new app will be launching next week.

Source: TechCrunch

TLDR: Discord has announced the closure of Gas, the social app it purchased earlier this year, on November 7. Gas, known for its positive opinion polls, targeted the student market and gained popularity before declining. Founded by Nikita Bier, an app entrepreneur, this marks his second successful business sale. Additionally, he teased the upcoming launch of a new app.

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