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Google Pays Samsung $8 Billion to Make Google Apps Default on Samsung Mobile Devices.

There is an ongoing legal case between Epic Games and Google in the Supreme Court, which has revealed an agreement between Google and Samsung. According to James Kolotouros, Google’s Partner Manager, during his testimony in response to Epic Games’ attorney, the information from Epic’s lawyers is sourced from an internal Google document called Project Banyan. This document states that Google agreed to pay Samsung a staggering $8 billion over a period of 4 years to have Google Search, Assistant, and Play Store as default apps on Samsung’s portable devices.

Kolotouros also disclosed that more than half of Google Play’s revenue comes from Samsung’s hardware fees. Additionally, breaking news today reveals that Google has agreed to give 36% of ad revenue generated from searches in Safari on Apple devices. However, this case is separate and not related to the search monopoly case filed against Google by the US Department of Justice.

In summary (TLDR): Epic Games and Google are currently involved in a legal battle where it has been revealed that Google paid Samsung a massive sum of $8 billion to have its apps as default on Samsung devices. Furthermore, more than half of Google Play’s revenue is attributed to Samsung’s hardware fees. In another case, Google has agreed to share 36% of search ad revenue with Apple.

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