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Google takes a jab at iPhone: Finally, charging through USB-C?

Google has released a new advertisement clip for the Pixel, featuring a conversation between the Pixel and iPhone sitting together in a spa, discussing the good old days when the Swipe to Unlock feature was introduced and people were impressed. iPhone claims that recent smartphones have surpassed itself, boasting new features similar to those advertised by Pixel, such as enhancing blurry images, using AI to detect unknown callers, and automatic language translation. However, iPhone hints that it still has a hidden gem up its sleeve, related to USB-C, but refuses to disclose any further details. Pixel then intriguingly asks if charging through USB-C is now possible, leaving iPhone surprised that others know this secret, and Pixel playfully responds that it was just a wild guess. The clip ends with an advertisement stating that the Pixel 8 will be launched on October 4th.

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