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Intel’s AI Invasion in the Market: Not Everyone Needs a GPU

At the TechTour.MY event, Intel discussed the AI market invasion, stating that there is still a chance for Intel to penetrate the AI market, which is broader than high-performance chip usage. Intel aims to train large-scale AI models and believes it can make its way into these markets. Alexis Crowell, Vice President of Sales for Intel Asia Pacific, talked about AI processing and mentioned that there are still small-scale applications that utilize other chips besides GPUs, such as LLM jobs. Intel is also pushing for Gaudi2. Crowell stated that the market is growing rapidly, creating opportunities for multiple chip manufacturers in the market.

Intel announced at the recent Computex conference that its upcoming chip, Meteor Lake, will have built-in AI acceleration circuits. This is a response to several chip manufacturers, including Arm (including Apple Silicon) that have been promoting their chips with built-in AI acceleration circuits. However, in the interview, Crowell mentioned that Intel works closely with industry standards and open-source projects to enable these AI models to run on Intel platforms. Eric Chan, Vice President of the Network and Edge Group (NEX), also stated that future usage will focus on the specific applications rather than the underlying platform, similar to how we use multimedia files every day.

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