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Introducing the Revolutionary GA Integration: Downloadable New Outlook from the App Store, Empowering Users to Opt for a Refreshing Interface Transformation

Microsoft has officially announced the general availability status of the New Outlook for Windows, complete with a fresh new logo. It is now available for download from the Microsoft Store on Windows 11, replacing the previous Mail & Calendar app. This announcement follows extensive testing within the Insider community.

Written using web app technology, the New Outlook for Windows is a standalone application similar to Outlook.com. It can be used with various email providers, such as Yahoo, Gmail, iCloud, or general IMAP accounts. It offers several additional features compared to the previous Mail & Calendar app, including the ability to pin important emails, snooze messages for later, schedule send times, and cancel sending within 10 seconds. It also offers the sweep feature, allowing users to quickly discard old emails and create new filters.

For users subscribed to the paid version of Microsoft 365, the New Outlook comes ad-free and provides additional features, such as Microsoft Editor, which helps with spell-checking and grammar using AI. In the future, it will also include the Copilot feature.

Microsoft does not currently require existing users to switch to the New Outlook. They have the option to download it themselves from the store or try it out within the original Mail & Calendar app. However, new hardware running on Windows 11 will come preloaded with the New Outlook. Microsoft plans to gradually encourage the transition over the next two years, with complete adoption targeted for 2024.

It’s important to note that for users of the original Outlook Win32 version, there is no immediate need to switch. Additionally, several crucial features for enterprise customers are still missing, such as support for POP accounts, Exchange on-premises, opening old Outlook .pst files, and S/MIME capabilities. Microsoft has stated that the transition period will allow sufficient time for these features to be integrated.

TL;DR: Microsoft has released the New Outlook for Windows as a replacement for the Mail & Calendar app. With enhanced features and compatibility with various email providers, it offers customization options and improved functionality. Existing users can choose to switch or continue with the original Outlook version, while new hardware with Windows 11 will have the New Outlook preloaded. The transition period will span approximately two years, allowing Microsoft to address missing features and provide ample time for users to adapt.

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