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Japan Eases Approval Process for Foreign IT Engineers, Awaits Government’s Shortened Approval

Japan is preparing to extend the long-term residential approval process for IT engineers in Japan from the current 3 months to just one month. The new system will be implemented soon.

Previously, foreign engineers had to apply for long-term residency approval by submitting company information from the Japanese employer, work experience, and professional skills to the Immigration Bureau and wait for up to 3 months for approval.

Additionally, small and medium-sized companies in Japan that have not previously hired foreign nationals will have to wait for the government to review their financial status and job position details for at least 3 months, in order to prevent unemployment of foreign workers in the event of company closure.

Japan will switch to a new system where local governments will send advance consultation teams to examine eligible companies. Companies that meet the criteria will be authorized to hire foreign workers. This method will help shorten the approval process and alleviate labor shortages in companies.

The Japanese government is currently working on a new framework for special strategic zones in 13 locations across the country. Local governments that adopt this system will devise plans that include criteria for companies to be authorized to hire foreign workers.

According to the Immigration Bureau of Japan, there were around 3,070,000 long-term foreign residents in Japan as of the end of last year, marking the first time it has exceeded 3,000,000.

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