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Notepad Keeps Your Text Even After Closing the App

Microsoft has released an update for the Notepad and Snipping Tools apps in Windows 11, prioritizing the update for Insiders (Canary/Dev) group.

One of the notable changes in Notepad is the automatic document-saving feature when closing the app. It no longer prompts users to save their work before closing. So, even if you reopen Notepad, your previously typed text will still be there. This feature might already be standard for current text editors, but it is a recent addition to the built-in Notepad app for Windows.

As for Snipping Tools, the Capture Bar has undergone a makeover. Now, when you press Win + Shift + S, you will not only be able to capture screenshots but also record your screen. This is an improvement from the previous version that only allowed screen capturing.

Source: Microsoft

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