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Limited Content Testing in Kenya: Netflix Cancels Free Mobile Package

Two years ago, Netflix conducted a market test with a new package that allowed free viewing exclusively on mobile devices. The content selection was limited to approximately 25% of Netflix’s entire library, with the test being conducted only in Kenya. The goal was to encourage users to eventually switch to a paid subscription.

However, recent reports indicate that Netflix has changed its mind and abandoned this free viewing plan in Kenya. A Netflix representative stated that the company has learned several things from this market test and will instead offer other package options, such as ad-free subscriptions and lower-cost subscriptions with ads. These options have already been rolled out in multiple countries.

It should be noted that a freemium model for video streaming, where part of the content is free and additional content requires a paid subscription, has already been available in Thailand through various providers.

TLDR: Netflix has canceled its plan to offer free viewing on mobile devices in Kenya after a market test. Instead, the company will introduce different subscription packages, including ad-free options and lower-cost options with ads. This freemium model already exists in Thailand through other streaming providers.

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