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Microsoft CEO reveals disappointment in conceding defeat to Windows Phone.

Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile are considered one of Microsoft’s most resounding failures. The latest Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, in an interview with Business Insider, expressed his regret in conceding and withdrawing from the mobile phone market.

Satya discussed various topics, but one question in particular addressed strategic mistakes or wrong decisions made as the CEO of Microsoft. He stated that the decision to exit the mobile phone market might not have been the best and believed there could have been ways to improve the Windows Phone system, positioning it between PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

In other words, if Microsoft had persisted in this market, Windows 10 Mobile could have transformed like Samsung’s DeX feature, where the mobile phone connects to a desktop-sized screen. It is unfortunate that Microsoft, at that time, failed to motivate developers to embrace their mobile phone platform, despite their immense experience with Windows on desktops.

TLDR: Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella expressed regret over the company’s withdrawal from the mobile phone market and acknowledged the missed opportunities to improve the Windows Phone system. Had Microsoft continued in this market, it could have potentially transformed like Samsung’s DeX feature.

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