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Microsoft Releases Rust-Driven Library Suite for Windows Driver Development

Microsoft has launched a new project called windows-driver-rs, which is a library set designed to develop hardware drivers in the Rust programming language. Along with it, they have also provided a few sample drivers. Although the library is not yet fully functional, it marks the first step for companies interested in migrating their drivers to Rust in the future.

Within Microsoft itself, they have already started writing some parts of the Windows code in Rust, but they have not yet offered support for external developers. However, the advantage of using the Rust language is its ability to reduce memory vulnerabilities.

The main purpose of this project is to create bindings for the Windows Development Kit (WDK) in Rust, allowing developers to write drivers without the need to directly code in C/C++. Additionally, the project is released under both the Apache and MIT licenses, ensuring freedom of usage.

TLDR: Microsoft’s windows-driver-rs project provides a library set for developing hardware drivers in Rust. Although still in development, it paves the way for companies interested in Rust driver migration. With Rust’s memory vulnerability reduction, developers can write drivers without directly coding in C/C++. The project is released under Apache and MIT licenses, ensuring flexibility.

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