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Official Launch of Counter-Strike 2 Ignites Competitive Gaming Enthusiasts Worldwide

Counter-Strike 2 has officially launched after its initial release in March 2023. This upgraded version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive now runs on the powerful Source 2 engine, elevating its graphics to a new level of realism. The physics system has also been improved, and several new features have been added, including the sub-tick system.

CS2 is considered a continuation of CS:GO, using the same Steam link. Existing players will automatically upgrade to CS2, while retaining their in-game status from the previous version. The revenue model for CS2 remains free-to-play, just like before. However, players have the option to purchase the Prime Status upgrade for 525 baht, which grants them additional items and special status in the game.

In today’s release notes, you can find further details: https://t.co/6nnshs0YCA. Additionally, check out the blog post titled “Welcome Home” for more information: https://t.co/kWWOYxgDiO.

TLDR: Counter-Strike 2 has been officially released with upgraded graphics, improved physics, and new features. Existing CS:GO players are automatically upgraded to CS2. The game remains free-to-play, but players can purchase the Prime Status upgrade for 525 baht for extra benefits. For more information, read the release notes and blog post by CS2.

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