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Preparations Underway for the Launch of LEGO’s Unveiling of an Exquisite New Animal Crossing Set

LEGO has once again announced a collaboration with Nintendo, this time releasing a line of Animal Crossing sets. There has been speculation for some time now that there would be a LEGO version of this popular island-themed game.

However, the first example that LEGO has released doesn’t offer many details about the merchandise. It only showcases familiar characters in a LEGO version of the logo that appears in the clip. Falconbricks, not an official source, suggests that the Animal Crossing LEGO sets will consist of five different sets, ranging from 170 pieces (77046) to 535 pieces (77050), but an official announcement is still pending.

LEGO and Nintendo have had a successful partnership for several years now, starting in 2020 with the release of the Super Mario set, which incorporated various interactive elements from the game.

TLDR: LEGO has announced a collaboration with Nintendo to create Animal Crossing LEGO sets. Not much information has been shared about the sets yet, but it is expected that there will be five different sets with varying piece counts. LEGO and Nintendo have been partnering since 2020, with the release of the Super Mario set. The official announcement for the Animal Crossing LEGO sets is yet to come.

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