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Preparing Meta’s Ad-Free Package for Facebook and Instagram at €390 per month, exclusive to the EU market

The Wall Street Journal reported that Meta has presented details to EU regulators regarding the introduction of a subscription package for users in exchange for an ad-free experience. Users would be required to pay approximately 10 euros per month (390 baht) and an additional 6 euros for each additional account. This price would increase if users sign up through a mobile app because of the revenue sharing agreement with Apple or Google.

This issue was previously reported a month ago when Meta aimed to address concerns with the EU regarding user data collection for targeted advertising. Meta had been fined up to 1.3 billion dollars due to GDPR violations. The introduction of this subscription package is Meta’s way of adding alternative revenue streams from EU users.

The report states that Meta plans to call this package SNA, an abbreviation for Subscription No Ads. It is expected to roll out in select EU countries within the next few months. Meta representatives also provided additional information, stating that the company still believes in the freemium model with personalized advertising. However, they are actively exploring other options to comply with regulatory requirements.

TLDR: Meta has proposed a subscription package called SNA, offering users in the EU an ad-free experience in exchange for a monthly fee. The package is expected to launch in a few months and aims to address concerns over data collection for targeted advertising. Meta continues to explore alternative options while maintaining belief in the freemium model.

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