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Revolutionary Microsoft Mesh Online Conferencing App Unleashed on October, Carrying Meta Quest Compatibility

Microsoft has unveiled its virtual reality creation service called Microsoft Mesh, which was first introduced in 2021 before integrating it into online meetings on Microsoft Teams in 2022, but it was initially limited in availability.

Recently, Microsoft announced the public preview of Microsoft Mesh, allowing general users to access it in October 2023 (whether the metaverse trend has faded or not remains uncertain).

The usage format remains unchanged from other virtual reality services, where users can create their own avatars and navigate through a lifelike 3D environment. They can socialize, meet and interact with friends, utilizing spatial interaction and spatial audio that simulates real-world communication.

To use Microsoft Mesh, users must go through Microsoft Teams, which supports both PC and Meta Quest glasses. Microsoft claims that the experience will be even more immersive (what happened to the HoloLens glasses, though?).

Microsoft also provides the Mesh editor tool for users to create their own virtual environments. Additionally, if users desire full control over the 3D environment, they can utilize Unity.

Microsoft Mesh is currently available for enterprise-level Teams clients (Teams Essentials package or Microsoft 365 Business Basic and above) and requires administrators to enable access to the Microsoft Mesh app within the Teams system.

TLDR: Microsoft introduces Microsoft Mesh, a virtual reality creation service integrated with Microsoft Teams. Users can create lifelike avatars, interact in a 3D environment, and access spatial audio. The service is accessible through Teams for enterprise clients, and Unity can be used for advanced 3D environment control.

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