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Sony Unveils Battery-Free IoT Era with Radio Waves Energy Harvesting Chip

Sony Semiconductor Solutions (SSS) recently introduced its energy harvesting chip, which is capable of collecting energy from radio waves, even in areas where the signal is normally disrupted. This technology can harvest energy at levels ranging from microwatts to milliwatts.

Energy harvesting from radio waves relies on frequencies ranging from a few hertz to 100 megahertz. By harnessing electromagnetic waves, this chip can continuously generate power, even in shaded areas or during inclement weather conditions.

In addition to energy harvesting capabilities, this module can also detect interference from various sources, making it useful for identifying motor malfunctions, among other applications.

Currently, SSS has not disclosed the price of this module but has expressed interest in collaborating with partners to develop integrated solutions.

TLDR: Sony Semiconductor Solutions has unveiled an innovative chip that can collect energy from radio waves, regardless of signal disruptions. This energy harvesting technology can operate in various environments and also includes interference detection capabilities. SSS is actively seeking partnerships to enhance and advance this solution.

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