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iPhone 15 Pro Presents Olivia Rodrigo Unveiling Latest MV – Revitalizing Melody of get him back!

Olivia Rodrigo, a renowned artist, has released a new music video titled “get him back!” after the launch of the iPhone 15 Pro. This MV is part of the #ShotOniPhone campaign, as it was entirely shot and produced using the iPhone 15 Pro.

Apple has revealed that this music video was created using the new features of the camera in the iPhone 15 Pro. These features include Pro Res 4K Log video, which aids in film-grade editing, USB-C connectivity for fast data transfers to external devices, and the impressive 5x zoom capabilities found in the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Apple has collaborated with content creators to showcase the capabilities of the iPhone through these music video projects. Prior to this, there was the MV for the song “ETA” by NewJeans, which was shot using the iPhone 14 Pro.

Take a moment to enjoy the captivating MV for Olivia Rodrigo’s “get him back!” and witness the behind-the-scenes footage, showcasing the incredible capabilities of the iPhone.

TLDR: Olivia Rodrigo releases a new music video, “get him back!”, as part of the #ShotOniPhone campaign. Shot entirely on the iPhone 15 Pro, Apple highlights its new camera features such as Pro Res 4K Log and USB-C connectivity. The iPhone’s impressive 5x zoom capability is also showcased. Apple continues its collaboration with content creators in demonstrating the iPhone’s capabilities, following the previous MV “ETA” by NewJeans shot on the iPhone 14 Pro. Check out the MV and behind-the-scenes footage to witness the iPhone’s extraordinary potential.

Source: TechCrunch

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