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Spatial Video capability now available on iPhone 15 Pro with iOS 17.2 Beta

When unveiling the iPhone 15 Pro, one of the features that Apple introduced is the ability to capture Spatial Videos, which are akin to 3D videos with depth perception that separates objects from the background. These videos can be viewed on the Apple Vision Pro glasses from various angles. However, upon the actual release of the iPhone 15 Pro, this feature was not yet available, presumably because it was still in development. Now, this feature has finally made an appearance in the iOS 17.2 Beta.

In the camera settings, there will be an option to enable the Spatial Video mode specifically for the Apple Vision Pro glasses. Once activated, you can access the camera app, which will have an added Spatial mode symbol to indicate the Vision Pro glasses.

As for capturing, Apple recommends placing the phone horizontally and holding the camera as still as possible. The videos will be recorded in 1080p 30fps resolution with a 1-minute Spatial Video estimated to be around 130 MB in size.

In terms of viewing, if you watch the videos on an iPhone, they will appear as regular 1080p videos. However, if you watch them through the Apple Vision Pro glasses, the videos will have a more immersive visual dimension.

TLDR: The iPhone 15 Pro now offers Spatial Video capture, allowing for 3D-like videos with depth perception. These videos can be viewed on Apple Vision Pro glasses, providing a more immersive experience. The feature is now available in the iOS 17.2 Beta.

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