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The iPhone 12 Predicament: Apple Dissects iPhone 12’s Ban in France, Set to Be Remedied in iOS 17.1

Apple has released additional clarifications in response to the concerns raised by the French regulatory agency, stating that the iPhone 12 emits electromagnetic waves with a specific absorption rate (SAR) higher than the prescribed limit. This issue could potentially lead to a ban on the product. However, Apple later announced that they will release a software update to address the problem.

Apple confirms that all iPhone models meet the standards for energy release, safety, and user health. The iPhones have sensors that detect if the device is in direct contact with the user’s body. SAR values decrease when the device is in close proximity to the user and increase as the distance between the device and the user grows, such as when the phone is placed on a table. This particular French regulatory agency’s test did not take these factors into consideration, resulting in the previous report.

Apple will address this issue in iOS 17.1, reducing the SAR value even when the device is further away from the user’s body. This change will ensure compliance with the agency’s standards for the iPhone 12 in France. The modification may have a minimal impact on a small percentage of users, such as those with the iPhone placed in areas with low mobile phone signal. Previously, the device would ramp up power to capture a signal, but now the signal strength will be reduced.

Apple states that this clarification aims to instill confidence in iPhone 12 users, both in France and worldwide, regarding their safety.

TL;DR: Apple responds to concerns raised by a French regulatory agency regarding higher SAR values on the iPhone 12. They assure that all iPhone models comply with safety and health standards, with SAR values decreasing when the device is in close proximity to the user. Apple will address this issue in a software update and aims to reassure users about the safety of the iPhone 12.

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