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Unlock the Power of X Hiring Features: Experience Seamless Integration on Websites (Available in select territories)

X Hiring, a feature that was launched in August, has now come out of beta and is available for everyone to use through X’s website (although not yet available in Thailand). This feature is a job search tool that resembles LinkedIn and is expected to be available for iOS and Android soon.

The job search feature seems to have vacancies in various technology companies, including companies managed by Elon Musk himself. Currently, positions are listed for SpaceX, Tesla, Neuralink, and the latest venture, x.ai.

Elon Musk has previously promised that X would be a cool rival to LinkedIn, but it seems that the current features are quite basic. Users can view job listings and descriptions, but they are redirected to third-party websites to submit their applications, even for positions within X. On the other hand, X is currently testing Job Cards system, which will make it easier to share job postings across the platform.

There are signs indicating that X is planning to expand its focus on job search within the Everything App policy. X has recently updated its privacy policy, notifying users that it may collect employment-related information for job applications and job recommendations. This may hint at future features related to X’s personnel recruitment or other advanced job search features.

TLDR: X Hiring, the job search feature by X, is now out of beta and available for use. It resembles LinkedIn and currently lists job openings in various technology companies. While the current features are basic and redirect users to third-party websites for applications, X is testing Job Cards to improve job posting sharing. X’s updated privacy policy suggests potential future features related to personnel recruitment and advanced job search.

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