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X Introduces Exciting New Features: Video Calling, Verified User Likes Hiding, Job Search

Elon Musk, the CEO of X, has recently announced plans to add several new features, some of which have been previously reported. The first new feature is a video calling and voice-only chat system. Musk has not provided details on when the service will be available, but he highlights its advantages, such as cross-platform support (iOS, Android, PC, Mac) without the need for a phone number. X aims to be a global communication service with a comprehensive address book.

The next feature focuses on enhancing user privacy for verified users who pay for the service. These users will be able to hide the Likes bar on their profile pages, and only the account owners will have access to this feature. The X API will also be unable to retrieve this information. However, the list of people who have liked a post will still be visible.

Lastly, X’s new update includes new privacy settings. When users opt-in, X will collect two new types of data for the purpose of improved security and job recommendations. The first is biometric data, although X does not disclose how it will be stored. The second is job application data, which will be used by the new X Hiring platform to provide job suggestions and candidate recommendations to employers.

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