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Unveiling the Enigma: OneDrive Deliberates Closure, Requiring Prompt Retaliation

There have been reports from some users stating that the latest version of OneDrive on Windows 11 prompts a pop-up window asking for information when they try to close the program. This pop-up window requires users to select a reason for closing OneDrive before they can proceed with closing it.

The available options include: not wanting OneDrive to run all the time, not knowing what OneDrive is, not using OneDrive, experiencing issues with OneDrive, wanting a faster computer, receiving excessive notifications, and others.

It is not uncommon for companies to conduct surveys to gather feedback and improve their products. However, it might seem a bit tedious to be asked for feedback when simply trying to close a program. It is worth noting that not all users have experienced this prompt.

TLDR: Some users have reported a pop-up window prompting for feedback when trying to close OneDrive on Windows 11. This survey-like prompt asks for reasons to close the program, including options like not using OneDrive or experiencing issues with it. While it’s a normal practice for companies to gather feedback, it might appear unnecessary in this context.

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