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Whispered News: Apple Assigns Three Elite Executives to Propel AI Advancements within Product Line

In the latest edition of the Power On newsletter, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reports on the latest rumors surrounding Apple’s AI development plans. According to the report, Apple has empowered high-level executives to increase the integration of AI in their products and services, in line with the current trend. This will be supported by a budget of $1 billion.

To execute this plan, Apple has assigned three top-level executives. John Giannandrea, the head of AI, will oversee the development of core technologies, ensuring that AI can be integrated into all products. Meanwhile, Craig Federighi, the head of software, will focus on incorporating AI features into iOS, including improving Siri and Message, as well as introducing AI into Xcode to assist developers, similar to Microsoft’s Copilot.

Eddy Cue, responsible for Apple’s Services business, has outlined the strategy of incorporating AI into every service. For example, Apple Music will have an AI system that can create playlists, and features to help with content creation in Pages and Keynote.

Another focus is how Apple will ensure user privacy. The current approach involves on-device processing by AI, paired with cloud processing, as previously reported.

TLDR: Apple is reportedly investing $1 billion to enhance the integration of AI in its products and services. Top-level executives will oversee AI development in core technologies, iOS features, and across all services. The company is also prioritizing user privacy by utilizing a combination of on-device and cloud processing for AI capabilities. Source: Bloomberg

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