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Decline in Twitter’s Traffic by 14% Following Elon Musk’s 1-Year Acquisition: Similarweb Report

Similarweb, a website analytics platform, recently reported a decline in website traffic to Twitter.com since Elon Musk’s acquisition of the platform one year ago. According to the statistics, the traffic in September 2023 decreased by 14% compared to September 2022.

Breaking down the data by country, the traffic from the United States accounted for a quarter of the total traffic and experienced a 19% decrease compared to the same period in the previous year. Similar patterns were observed for other Western countries, such as the United Kingdom (-11.6%), France (-13.4%), Germany (-17.9%), and Australia (-17.5%).

Furthermore, mobile usage of Twitter also declined, with a 17.8% decrease in monthly active users in the United States alone. Globally, the statistics specifically for Android users showed a decrease of 14.8%.

However, it is worth noting that Twitter is not the only social platform experiencing a decline in traffic. Facebook, for instance, saw a 10% decrease in web traffic during the same period. In contrast, TikTok witnessed an increase of over 20% in traffic.

The number of mobile users also decreased significantly, with Instagram experiencing a decline of 3.7%. Despite these declines, Twitter remains the most heavily impacted service.

On the other hand, the profile visits and post views of Elon Musk, a prominent Twitter user, saw a remarkable increase of 96% compared to the same period last year. This can be attributed to the daily controversies he creates and the various announcements regarding new features or changes on Twitter, which caught the attention of users.

In summary, Similarweb’s report indicates that while both traffic and user numbers have declined for Twitter, the platform is far from dead. Moreover, Elon Musk has numerous plans to transform Twitter into an “everything app,” such as the recent announcement of X Hiring.

TLDR: Similarweb’s report reveals a decrease in website traffic and mobile usage for Twitter, following Elon Musk’s acquisition. However, these declines do not signify the end of the platform, as Musk continues to introduce transformative plans for Twitter. Additionally, Elon Musk’s profile and post views on Twitter witnessed a significant increase.

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