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Google Announces Decade-Long Evolution of Chromebook

Google has announced an update to Chromebook starting from 2021, marking its 10-year anniversary. Even though the support for older models has expired, users can still choose to install the update afterwards. This approach aligns with Google’s global sustainability policy, which includes initiatives such as supporting school repairs of Chromebooks, implementing energy-efficient charging modes, collaborating with Chromebook manufacturers to use more recycled materials, and designing components for easy repairs.

Despite emphasizing its environmentally conscious features, Google also highlights the cost-effectiveness of Chromebooks for schools in the long run.

TLDR: Google has recently announced an update for Chromebook, continuing their commitment to sustainability. This update introduces various eco-friendly features and aims to make Chromebooks more affordable for schools. Additionally, Google emphasizes the ease of repairing and maintaining Chromebooks, further enhancing their long-term value.

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