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Revitalizing Speculations Surround the Evolution of Meta’s Cutting-Edge VR Headset: A Novel Innovation with a Notably Lowered Price Quotation and Controller-free Experience

The latest edition of Bloomberg’s Power On newsletter, written by Mark Gurman, discusses the future development plans of Meta’s VR headset. Gurman states that currently, Meta’s internal workings are in a mode of Apple-like apprehension, distinguishing itself from the mobile phone industry’s perspective on the iPhone back in 2007.

At present, Apple has unveiled the Mixed Reality Vision Pro headset, but the first batch of deliveries will commence in early next year. The current status involves working closely with developers. Meta’s initial strategy revolves around pricing. They plan to release a new headset that takes design cues from the Quest 3 but reduces components to cut costs. This may involve removing the controller and using hand gestures as the default input method, with the option to purchase a separate controller if desired. It is worth noting that Apple’s Vision Pro is designed without a controller from the start, utilizing eye and hand tracking instead.

The next strategy involves reducing the emphasis on presenting the VR headset as a gateway into a virtual social world and focusing more on gaming and productivity apps. This shift aligns with Apple’s attempt to increase sales of the Vision Pro. As for gaming, Meta is confident that they have more VR-specific games than Apple currently offers.

Finally, Gurman reports on Apple’s plans to deliver the Vision Pro as initially planned in the early part of next year. One challenge currently faced by some users is the weight of the headset, which can cause discomfort when worn. The solution being considered is to improve the strap to provide better support. In terms of hardware, long-term fixes are being worked on. Another issue encountered is the usability for glasses-wearers, which is being addressed by custom lenses for individual users, making the manufacturing process more complex than before.

TL;DR: Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman discusses Meta’s development plans for their VR headset, highlighting the contrast between Meta’s approach and Apple’s history with the iPhone. The release of Apple’s Mixed Reality Vision Pro is approaching, with an initial focus on collaboration with developers. Meta plans to reduce costs by designing a new headset inspired by the Quest 3 but with fewer components. The emphasis will be on gaming and productivity apps, aligning with Apple’s sales strategy. Gurman reports that delivery of the Vision Pro is still on track for early next year, with efforts to address comfort issues and improve usability for glasses-wearers through strap adjustments and custom lenses. The manufacturing process has become more complex as a result.

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